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Becoming a Plumber

I am unsure if I want to be a plumber We highly recommend doing some work experience for 1 month straight in 1 or 2 sectors with at least 2 different companies in the same sector. Eg Maintenance Companies. This will likely give you an idea of what Plumbing is all about and if it is suitable for you. If you tell them you are happy to work for free, Most companies will be happy to have you.
Is it hard to get an Apprenticeship? Becoming a Plumber is much harder than it once was but that’s not to say its not worth it. Government Grants once helped subsidies the wages of untrained People, making taking them on bearable for the employer. These grants and government assistance has dropped allot in the last few years. The economy in WA has also slowed down the Building industry which has affected Businesses taking People on. The Short answer is YES it is hard to get an apprenticeship. Doing a Pre-Apprenticeship and having a Driver License will help your chances. A pre-apprenticeship typically takes 10 weeks to 2 semesters. An apprenticeship takes anywhere from 3 years to a more likely 4 years depending on your employer.
What is a typical plumbers career path Your Plumbing career either starts with a pre-apprenticeship or an actual apprenticeship. A pre-apprenticeship is a short course before you commence your apprenticeship. Once the apprenticeship is completed, you will be classed a Plumbing Tradesperson. A tradesperson cannot sign off work but works under a Plumbing contractor which sign them off. The contractor is usually the Business owner. A tradesperson can work on their own whilst an apprentice in the early stages of the apprenticeship shouldn’t. Your pay will jump up hugely once your a tradesperson.Once the apprenticeship is complete, your officially classed as a Plumber. The next step is to do a series of Courses at a TAFE or MPA Skills to get your Contractor's License. A Plumbing contractors license is usually completed if you wish to own your own business or increase your Plumbing knowledge. Completing this won’t increase your pay. Some Plumber have added other certificates to this and then went on to university to do hydraulic Engineering or Hydraulic design. Some have used their knowledge of the trade industry to short track Building Licenses and are now Builders also.

Being a Plumber

What does a typical Plumber do? A Typical Plumber attend a wide range of tasks to do with Drainage, Waterworks , Water Heating, Gas and Air. Plumber are involved in most construction project which are Human will occupy. Maintaining existing Plumbing system create allot of Australia’s work also.
How well do Plumbers get paid well In WA Plumbers wages and salaries range from $60,000 - $70,000 annually, however plumbers that run their own business can go as high as to $100,000. In general Plumbers pay is above Australians median average pay rate.
What skills make a good plumber Working in maintanence with customers and working in commercial require very different skills. Unfortunately being an incredibly skilled keen eyed plumber is not enough to grow your own business as a sole trader, being friendly and prompt is much more important as your business will grow mostly from word of mouth. Being able to problem solve well or work fast and efficiently is much more important on commercial jobs where you will spend long hours on a single job autonamously. It is important with all plumbing to be very thorough, mistakes in drainage, water or gas that resurface later can be absolutely catastrophic.
Doing something important Plumbing is used to ensure safe delivery of water. Clean water usage is made possible only through plumbing which is often taken for granted. Safely and efficiently disposing of human waste and waste water is also incredibly vital to society. As people visiting underdeveloped countries or developed countries with more lax plumbing and drainage rules can attest, a lack of clean running water and proper sanitation is devastating.
Is plumbing dangerous? Short answer is yes. There are lots of ways to injure yourself, power tools are the most common way to hurt yourself. Plumbers use a wide range of sharp and powerful tools. Plumbers have also been known to suffocate from drain gases and carbon monoxide. Drowning or Suffocating by means of water and a trench caving in is also possible. However safety is taken very seriously by most small to large businesses and as long as you are not overreaching from your experience there is not too much to worry about.

Paying for a Plumber

Tips to ascertain a fair price Firstly, Only use companies that break up their quotes and invoices by materials and labour/fee. It’s very easy for your tradie to do this and if they aren’t then something alarming is going on. Ascertain a fair material cost: You can quickly search on google or suppliers like for fixtures and materials that are on your invoice/quote. Remember that tradies get heavily discounted prices with suppliers, so if the company has given you a price higher than you can personally get from the supplier then you are getting ripped off. Ascertain a fair labour/fee: Plumbers cost companies around $30-$60 an hour. In general this fee also contains the revenue for the business to cover ongoings as well as the profit; so a fair rate for them to charge you would be $80-$120. Ask the company how long a job will take if it isn’t written on the quote, if the total labour/fee cost divided by hours and workers is higher than $100 then your plumber is likely a bit on the expensive end and if it is more than $150 you are getting ripped off. Don’t use companies that charge call out fees, some more old fashioned plumbers are very fairly priced and include call out fee to sustain their business model. But in general call out fees are a bit of a scam for companies to make an extra buck and there are plenty of great companies that don’t use them. Be wary with free on site quotes: Onsite quotes are great but many plumbers use the convenience of them already being on site and in person to bully you into booking the job with them. (Tell the plumber that is onsite that you have a few more onsite quotes booked in and that you will let them know by the end of the day. Then enjoy watching them quickly transform into a salesman with a better price. Steer away from the big name companies that you hear ads for on the radio or tv, we have been given countless quotes/invoices by our customers from some of these companies that are up to 10x what a fair business should be charging, their pricing is not even justifiable after you factor their marketing budget. These businesses survive off of years of exposure and abuse the fact that they are household names too many people, especially the older generations that are not as comfortable using the internet to find new businesses. If you have been using the same plumber for over 10 years and their prices haven’t changed then you might need to have a chat with them as the industry and economy has changed massively over that time in the favour of the customer.

Career at The Plumbing Co.

The Plumbing Co. Office
Full Time hours available We are a rapidly growing business always looking to find new workers. We begin all applicants as sub contractors with 5 - 20 hours a week working you up to full time hours if you are the right fit.
Part time overflow work available At The Plumbing Co. we also have a team of subcontractors that do limited hours a week when we are overbooked. When working as an overflow subcontractor we require you uphold the same standard as a member of the core team. We tend to avoid cycling through subcontractors and instead endevour to give the ideal amount of work to the right person for a long period of time so that you can integrate with our team well.
Working at The Plumbing Co. We have a friendly yard enviroment with a coffee machine, drinks fridge and facilities available to everyone that passes through. As a business we also put much more emphasis on customer and worker satisfaction than profits and speed. Which in turn lowers the pressure on our workers to rush things.

Type of work available We regularly deal with most facets of residential and commercial plumbing and are looking for all sorts of plumbers with varying skillsets.
Requirements Yes!
✔ Clean white unbranded work vehicle.
✔ Well spoken and well presented.
✔ Tradesman and gas-fitters license.
✔ The right to work in Australia.
✔ comfortable with operating within an app.
✔ Minimum 5 years experience working as a plumber.
✖ We are not taking any apprentices at this stage.
✖ We are not looking for plumbers that will concurrently try run their own customer facing business..
Applying If you feel you are the right fit, shoot your resume to or just call us on 94773848.
Get in Touch Call us 94773848 Email us Visit us 6/196 Campbell Street, Belmont Monday - Saturday 7am - 5pm
Send a Snap, Video or Photo of your job and we can quote it up quickly for you.
Disclaimers * All prices are GST inclusive. * Ask for our pensioners discount and get 10% off your final bill. * A $99 fee may be incurred when getting a Plumbing Co. plumber on-site between 5 pm and 7 am. * All prices are made clear before job commencement. * Free online booking coffees are sourced from a cafe near your location. The time between the purchase and delivery of coffee will not go past 15 minutes. Should you have a cafe recommendation, please let us know. * All payments must be made in full within 14 days. Unless financing options are made available by a The Plumbing Co. team member. * All online prices are based off the minimum and maximum we have charged for similar jobs in the past, updates are made regularly. * The Plumbing Co. plumbers will arrive within a 20-minute window before or after your chosen arrival time, with the exception of 7 am bookings in which our tradesmen will arrive no earlier than 6:55 am. * Customers are free to cancel anytime up until our worker has begun travel or we have made a purchase of materials or services pertaining to the work. Plumbing License: 8061, Gas License: 013140, Backflow License: 2246
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