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Experienced Commercial Plumbers. There are a ton of rules and standards that commercial kitchens need to abide, Water Corps Trade waste and The Australian Food Safety Standards being the main two. We have done fit outs for countless kitchens, bars, cafe's and breweries. We have the experience required to do a good job that will last and our quotes guarantee compliance with the authorities.
Fixed Transparent Quotes We provide fully itemised clear quotes for all our work and we never change the price or add items without first comfirming with the customer. We believe communication and initial honesty are incredibly important.
Free Help, All the Way We always gladly lend a hand at every stage from putting together a hydraulic draft or letting you know your kitchens requirements for trade waste and health standards. We have Electricians and Tilers that we can confidently refer to you for your fit off and we will stick around for any ongoing maintanence. Our goal is to make long term working relationships not short term profits.
Affordable Pricing, Perfect Sized business We meet countless customers who got the cheapest sole trader plumber to do their commercial jobs only for them to dissapear a year down the track when drains stop working and things begin to fall apart. Bigger businesses bring with them accountability and reputation but also larger costs, The Plumbing Co. conveniently sits in the middle as a business with 5-10 workers.
$149 Annual Backflow Testing Back-flow Prevention Devices prevent contamination of our drinking water supplies. The Water Corp requires they be installed and regularly tested. We regularly perform high hazard level backflow annual tests and new installations for large complexes and commercial environments. We are up to date with all laws, regulations and offer an incredibly fair price and modern experience for your testing or installation.
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New Cafe Fit Out

Grease Traps Water Corporation Requires a Grease Trap be installed in any place where food is going to be cooked. This can be overlooked, and they are not cheap to install. They will cost between $6,000 - $12,000 fully installed. They also have ongoing pumping costs which you should allow for. Learn more at our page dedicated to Grease Traps.
Getting the correct Gas If you plan on having commercial grade gas appliances, you may need to upgrade your gas supply line, Gas Meter and even the Piping to the appliances. These upgrades can cost up to 3k. If the property has no gas at all then the cost could be much higher depending on how far away the supply is. The supply pipelines will also have to be correctly sized depending on the quantity and size of the gas appliances you plan to install.
Commercial Appliances Some commercial appliances require hot water connected to them. Your Hot Water System should be sized correctly to support these water supply requirements. Some gas appliances need a larger supply of gas than what may be supplied by a typical gas supply setup. Some commercial appliances also require more electricity than the common 240-volt connectors. Best bet is to consult your plumber and electrician with a list of products so they can calculate the correct pipe sizing.
Coffee Machines Commercial Coffee Machines usually require a Water supply and a Drain. The water quality is a very important part of making a good coffee. A Specialty Filtration system is recommended and normally provided with new machines. A Pressure limiting valve should be installed before the coffee machine to stop pressure surges from breaking the machine. We recommend dumping 5 minutes of Water down the Drain at the end of each day to prevent coffee drying up inside the Drain pipes and causing them to block up.
Bathrooms How many bathrooms will you have? Will you have female and male Toilets. Are you required to have ambulant toilets and do you have enough room for them as they have requirements on space and distances? Sometimes you may not be able to get away with using a pre-existing office or homestyle bathroom if you plan to fit the premise out as a cafe.
How much does it cost? There are many different things which contribute to the price of a cafes Plumbing setup. Things like the layout, the appliances, the number of fixtures, the location, the type of products being used. Every set up is different and cost can vary. Prices can go from 1k up to 20k. We offer free on-site consultations and quotes so just give us a call.

Commercial Kitchen Requirements

Blasta Brewery Kitchen, fitted by The Plumbing Co.
Strict Requirements All Businesses must ensure that their premises are equipped with the necessary services of water, waste disposal, ventilation, cleaning and personal hygiene facilities. There are also other requirements the Authorities look for. Below is a small list of things you might not have accounted for in your plans in regards to rules or just unexpected costs. Always make sure to check with the Authorities for current rules.
Hand Basins A hand basin needs to be installed in every commercial kitchen. They require water tempered to 45 degrees and should be operational by means of a knee or foot operated on/off tap or a long lever for elbow operation.
Bucket Waste A bucket waste is a large 100mm-150mm floor waste drain with a large removable strainer bucket inside. This minimises larger items from obstructing the drain.
Commercial Gas If you plan on using several Commercial Gas appliances, you will likely have to upgrade your gas pressure and your gas meter to a larger size. Be sure to check what gas pressure you can get in the area. Also, check what it will cost to upgrade the meter box supply line from the road. This can be very costly depending on what ATCO decides. If you are able to increase the pressure of your supply line then you may be able to get away with smaller sized pipes.
Commercial Drain Piping All Piping in a commercial kitchen which are run externally on the walls must be clipped 45mm off the wall with standoff brackets. This law is required so that you can clean the wall down properly and avoid germ build up. If you are completing a brand new fit out, you may want to consider using HDPE pipe. This pipe costs around three times the price of regular plastic pipes but will last a lot longer, get fewer blockages and can handle boiling water. HDPE piping is much more slippery then regular plastic which means is far less likely to have fat stick to the walls.
Gas Safety Shutoff valve A Gas shut off valve is required to be installed in a safe place for the gas appliances. It needs to be accessible and have appropriate signage making it easily viewable. Some of the bigger sites have an electronic valve with a red isolation switch located near the appliance and near the exit.
Commercial Hot Water Systems A hot water system has to have a certain capacity and style to be suitable for commercial use. These units tend to cost double the amount of a domestic system and have either quick recovery on getting hot water or a very large volume tank.
Glass Washers and Commercial Dishwashers Glass Washers and Commercial Dishwashers tend to work better when they have Hot Water supplied to them. There internal water heating system only lifts the temperature a certain amount, so it needs all the help they can get. Hotter Water means a better clean. Allow that the drain water from these units are near boiling and you will require a cooling pit or some piping which can handle such hot water. Standard DWV plastic piping will melt and break if you don't.

Brayco stainless steel kitchen fit-out

Brayco Stainless Steel Logo and Kitchen
Brayco Specialists The Plumbing Co. not only has experience fitting your Brayco shelves, sinks and surfaces, we also have extensive experience in fitting out all aspects of the kitchen, from recommendations on floor plan layouts to setting up, connecting and commissioning all the appliances. We also are one of the few Perth businesses able to supply and install a Grease Trap in order to get your kitchen's Trade Waste Permit with the Water Corporation.

Back-flow Prevention Information

Backflow Prevention Device
What is Backflow Prevention? Back-flow Prevention Devices prevent contamination of our drinking water supplies. The Water Corp requires they be installed and regularly tested. We regularly perform high hazard level backflow annual tests for large complexes and commercial environments. We are up to date with all laws, regulations and offer an incredibly fair price and modern experience for your testing or installation.

How does it work? A backflow prevention device has several springs which are set to open at different pressures. If the water pressure going past the spring exceeds its intended pressure, then it will cause the relief valve to open and dump the water. The higher the hazard of contamination, the more springs the unit will have. High hazard valves will also have a testing point which is to be tested annually.

Hair Salon Plumbing

Hair Salon chair with a basin
Hot Water System The number of basin chairs you have will determine the size of your Hot Water Unit, having a good flow of hot water is important for being able to give customers a pleasant hair wash. A temperature control valve should always be installed to prevent the water from being too hot. You can use this valve to set a consistent temperature of your choice.
Existing piping location The location of the existing piping will determine a lot of the difficulty with-in the job. Having existing pipes close to your proposed chair locations will lower fit-out costs.
Old Style Plumbing If the property has steel pipes which we have to connect the chairs too, you will likely get blockages due to hair getting caught on the rust with-in the pipe. We highly recommend replacing all gale piping with PVC.
Basin Chairs When purchasing a Specialty Hair Salon Basin Chair we recommend considering the Warranty get at least 3 years and check that the manufacturer sells spare parts like spray gun heads, plug and wastes etc. When choosing a location for the chairs make sure to leave space directly behind the basin to wash from as standing to the side to wash is much more uncomfortable.
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