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Valves may be required, inc GST
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$240 Like for Like Swapover, Inc Materials, Inc GST $899 Bosch 10p, Supplied & Installed, Inc Materials, Inc GST $999 Bosch 10h Supplied & Installed, Inc Materials, Inc GST Will match competitors quotes Free Quote from photo Free Callouts, Free Quotes Lifetime Warranty Same Day Service & Installations Overnight Temporary System
Valve Kit Disclaimer A "Like for like swapover" is when you replace an older system with a new version or very similar type in the same location. It means we can use the old systems pipes and valves and is the most affordable way to get your hot water back online or up to standard. Please keep in mind when looking at prices however that you may need to spend up to $240 for the supply and install of new valves to match current legal requirements, we can comfirm if you will require this by a photo or onsite visit.
Happiness is Guaranteed We are so confident in our quality control and plumbers friendliness that if you're unhappy with our service, we will fully refund the labour cost.
Honest Repairs and Temporary System We have a team completely dedicated to hot water system repairs, they are very friendly and professional and will make sure your taken care of. If your hot water unit is beyond repair, we also offer same day replacement's at a very competitive price and if its too late in the day for us to collect a system we have a special overnight temporary hot water unit to hook up and get your warm water running.
100% Satisfaction Record We offer free quotes, prices and guarantee your happiness. But you don't have to trust us from our promises. Just check what our past customers have to say about us.
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• The Plumbing Co Price List • Hot Water Unit Repair & Maintanence • Continuous or Tank, Gas, Electric or Solar

The Plumbing Co.
Hot Water Unit Price List

Install based on replacing an existing similar setup. Does not include valves, these may be required if not present due to modern regulations, please allow up $50-$250 for this, we can confirm if these will be required and a cost by photo or a site visit before job commencement. All Prices Inc GST, Supply & Installation.
A Bosch 10p Hot Water System Bosch 10p Gas Instantaneous$899 inc GST
A Bosch 10h Hot Water System Bosch 10h Gas Instantaneous$999 inc GST
A Therman 135L Gas Storage Hot Water System Thermann or Dux 135Litre Gas Storage Unit $1099 inc GST
A Rheem 135L Gas Storage Hot Water SystemRheem 135Litre Gas Storage $1350 inc GST
A Rheem 330L Gas Storage Hot Water SystemRheem 330Litre Gas Storage $1550 inc GST
A Wilson Super X Hot Water SystemWilson Super X Electric Instantaneous$899 inc GST
A Therman 50L Electric Hot Water SystemThermann or Dux 50Litre Electric Storage $750 inc GST
A Rheem 50L Electric Hot Water SystemRheem 50Litre Electric Storage $899 inc GST
A Therman 125L Electric Hot Water SystemThermann or Dux 125Litre Electric Storage $1099 inc GST
A Rheem 125L Electric Hot Water SystemRheem 125Litre Electric Storage $1099 inc GST
A Twin Panel Solar Hot Water System300L Twin Panel Solar System$3499 inc GST
A Heat Pump Hot Water System280Litre Twin Panel Solar System$4299 inc GST

Hot Water Unit repair & maintanence

Did you know Hot Water Units require servicing? Hot Water Units can often go faulty due to the lack of annual servicing, age or weather conditions. We tend to recommend replacing the unit if its over 8 years old as it will start to fail. However sometimes you can get a few extra years out of it if its in good condition still. Annual Servicing costs $120 you should be able to skip the first few years after a new install.
My Storage Unit has no hot water There are many things which can stop a storage unit from providing hot water. The temperature control valve tends to be the most likely cause. It could also be a burst pipe causing the unit to lose all its hot water into the ground.
My Unit is leaking from the bottom of the tank This usually means the tank has been ruptured. If this is the case the cheapest solution is to replace the entire unit.
My Hot water keeps going cold, then hot again If you have an instantaneous hot water unit. Water savers may be causing the issue. Otherwise the unit may just have not aged well and should be replaced.

Continuous or Tank, Gas or Electric

Annual Cost to Run $1320 - Electric Storage
$956 - 3 Star Gas Storage
$792 - 5 Star Gas Storage
$730 - Gas Continious
$273 - Heat Pump
Setup up costs Electric storage
Unit from $600, Materials $300, Installation Fee $250 Total $1150

Gas storage units
Unit from $750, Materials $400, Installation Fee $250 Total $1350

Gas Continuous Flow Unit
Unit from $600, Materials $400, Installation Fee $250 Total $1350

Heat Pump System
Unit start from $1200, Materials $400, Installation fee $350 Total $1950

Solar System
Supplied and Installed from $2700
Energy Source The are 3 energy sources hot water units use to run. Gas, Electrical & Solar. Solar System are the cheapest energy as its free and comes from the sun. Gas is the next cheapest, and lastly Electric energy. We normally don't recommend getting a new Gas connection setup though as Heat Pumps are run by electric and are more cost effective.
Volume Requirement The amount of hot water you require will also govern the size of your system. This is normally worked out by how many people live in the dwelling and how many bathrooms there are. Two people with a small house and single bathroom can get away with a 50Litre storage tank or any electric system. If you have two bathrooms or a family in the house then you will have more pipes that need to be heated at the same time and will need something larger. In general the instantaneous systems will only be able to provide enough heat to one tap or shower at once and you will notice if someone turns on a tap whilst you are in the shower.
Existing Setup Your existing setup can have a big impact on the most cost effective way to proceed choosing a new system. The cheapest option is always to do a like for like swap which is replacing your current system with a very similar type of system. This is best because you won't require pipe alterations or new supply lines.
Surrounding Environment The location of the existing unit, The building design and the physical space you have, is a factor also worth considering. Limited space in a back yard or backyard with roof & eaves will make it hard to put a gas energy source system in due to Gas to Air Requirements. A flue may be required which increases costs drastically. Electrical power requirements may also restrict your options. If your switch board is already at peak usage, adding an additional fixture like a hot water unit may not be possible. If you do not currently have a power nearby your hot water system then you will also need to get an electricial to run power out to the location.
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