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Flexible Renovations The Plumbing Co. can organise a fully inclusive quote (tiling, cabinet making, etc) for free. Or if you are project managing your own work we can slot in perfectly amongst your other trades. Even when we are not hired to project manage we will do our best to assist you in running the renovation smoothly.
Wholesale Renovators A renovation only business will take you into their showroom and sell you their own products marked up much higher in price than their value. As we are a plumbing business we will instead take your hand and go for a visit to a supplier like The Bathroom Outlet, Reece or Tradelink and make suggestion and get an understanding of your desires. This works better because you get a much larger range of products and tiles to choose from as well as these suppliers giving much fairer and competitive prices. The Plumbing Co. is owned and run by plumbers so you can think of us as wholesale renovators.
Reliable Service, Ongoing Support We are an easy to talk to small business, with only qualified plumbers familiar with your job answering the phones.
Honest Transparent Quotes Our quotes and invoices are detailed with things like materials, labour costs and profits so you can know exactly where the costs go.
Friendly Polite Tradespeople All our tradespeople are modern, friendly and understand that they are entering your home not a worksite.
Fast Quality Renovations We understand the frustration of not being able to access your bathroom for an extended period of time and do our best to offer a quality 10-15 work day turnover on bathroom renos.
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• Typical Renovation Cost and Timeline • Bathroom Reno Ideas • Laundry Reno Ideas • Kitchen Reno Ideas

Typical Renovation Cost and Timeline

A bathrooom renovation renovated by The Plumbing Co.
How much does a renovation cost? The average cost to renovate your bathroom in Australia is between $8,000 to $18,000 Whilst a budget reno can cost as low as $5,000. Tiling generally takes up nearly half of the budget, this means that larger bathrooms will be much more expensive to renovate as there is more walls. The cost of fixtures (toilets, taps, shower heads, bath etc) should make up around a third of the budget. However in general every bathroom is different some require lots of painting and no tiling some take some serious plumbing adaptions to the structure and others are easy fixture swap overs. Best bet is to always get a few on-site visits and quotes from various businesses for a similar styled upgrade.

* Numbers accurate as of 1/10/2018
** Unfortunately trades prices in Perth are close to 10% higher than the country average according to 2018 data
How long does it take? An average renovation will generally take 6-10 working days, these days should usually fit into a two week span. However a lot of steps in the renovation cant begin until other trades have finished with their jobs. This means that lots of delays are caused by tradespeople trying to find time that slots easily amongst the other tradesmen. Having a clear schedule and effective project manager helps this run smoothly.
What is the best way to choose products Try not to get trapped into working with a renovation business that uses their own showroom and products as they tend to really mark up the prices in comparison to the products actual value. Safest thing to do is to take a visit or look at the brochures for major plumbing outlets like The Bathroom Outlet, Reece, Tradelink as well as many other smaller outlets. At The Plumbing Co. we can take you for a walk through various outlets and help you choose your own favourite fixtures and tiles.
Should I Renovate? Renovating can drastically change the feel of your entire home, add value to your property and can make selling a breeze. Whatever the reason for the face lift, The Plumbing Co. is here to help..

Bathroom Reno Ideas

A bathroom with black taps, tapware and shower
Tapware Matte black tapware is in vogue at the moment, however is far more prone to scratches. Chrome, clean, curved, tapware is timeless.
Converting your tapware to mixer taps instantly modernizes the bathroom. Mixer taps are perfect for setting your desired temperature and are great for people suffering arthritis. Basin Mixer.a photo of a basin mixer and spoutShower Mixer.a photo of a shower mixerBath Mixer.a photo of a bath mixer and spoutBath/Shower Mixer. (also used for multi shower head options)a photo of a basin shower mixer with a diverter
A bathroom with large square ground tiles
Tiles Tile selection is a huge component to any bathroom. Textured grey tiles are ideal for floors and white tiles for the walls is a timeless, modern and clean look. The bigger the tile, the better.
We recommend using rectified tiles* which means the tile has a sharp edge, These tiles can be laid with a 2mm grout line, which is more aesthetically pleasing to the eye, and stays cleaner. The Plumbing Co. have worked closely alongside great tilers and are happy to recommend a contractor to fit you needs and budget.
A nice showerhead in front of black tiles Shower heads Rain shower heads look and feel great, are easy to install, and can be set up in different ways to suit your bathroom.
1. Rain head coming out of the wall. 2. Rain head rail combo with a spray gun. 3. Rain head coming out of the roof. For a modern European feel, add an additional shower spray gun with shower/bath mixer.
A nice floor drain matching in with the tiles Drain Grates Strip Drains have a great low key look, keeping your shower area looking slick and clean. Tile insert strip drains can be matched to your tile of choice, and minimalize the visibility of the drain.
A wall mounted vanity Vanities A great way to make any bathroom look and feel bigger is wall hung vanities. These make cleaning a breeze, and free your bathroom floor space up.
A toilet with in wall cistern Toilets We recommend a close coupled ceramic toilet with rear entry water supply. These conceal the piping, which looks great and is easy to clean. These models require some pipe alteration in the wall before new tiling is installed. If you want to get real fancy. In-wall cistern toilet suites look awesome, Slow close seat options are also available.
A free standing bathtub Baths Trends have had us removing more baths than we install, making rooms more spacious. We don’t recommend installing a bath unless there is plenty of room or you have young children, however, if this is a necessary luxury, a standalone bath looks tidy and chic. Setting baths at 45 degree angle in the corner of a room looks great, and adding some greenery can turn boring bath time into an escape to paradise.
A bathroom with large square ground tiles Lighting A common mistake when adding lighting to a bathroom is downlights at the vanity. These throw unflattering shadows on the face. A strong even light around eye level will cast light across the face. Bathrooms are usually the smallest room in the house and it can be challenging to get natural lighting in the room, a sky light can be a great addition to the space. There's lighting and then there is lighting. Why not make the central fixture a decorative focal point of the room?
A bathroom with lots of plants around the room Plants Plants are a beautiful addition to your bathroom space. You need to be particular in the plants you are bringing into an environment with low light, warm temperatures and high humidity, but certain plants will flourish in these conditions. Most bathrooms don’t have much floor space, but hanging plants from the roof look great, as well as on window sills or high shelving.
Plants that thrive in bathrooms include pothos, philodendron, boston ferns, or ivy, which is one of NASAs top air purifying plants! Spider plants are also great and remove odours from the air.

Laundry Reno Ideas

A Laundry renovation in rivervale by The Plumbing Co.
Simple Laundries are often neglected, but a few simple updates can have a huge impact! Laundries should be light and functional. Get creative with your storage space, try out some cool Ikea hacks to maximize the usually limited space around your washer/driers.
Replace all the cabinets and bench tops When working with a smaller budget, flatpack cabinets are a great option. You can install these yourself or get a handyman to install them. A cabinet maker or a skilled handyman will be required to cut the bench tops.
Update the Plumbing Tidy up the area around your washing machine by running the water supply pipes under the trough before tiling.
Replace the tiles Open up the room with white tiling throughout, or for something different try a subway style tile.

Kitchen Reno Ideas

Replace the tiles Open up the room with white tiling throughout, or for something different try a subway style tile.
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