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Let The Plumbing Co. help with your Dripping Tap or leak locating & repairing.

$99 Tap Service A simple tap service fixes most dripping taps and showers. For $99 inc GST we will Replace All Gaskets, Replace All O-rings, Replace All Washers, Re-home the surface, Relubricate and Thoroughly test.
Happiness is Guaranteed We are so confident in our quality control and plumbers friendliness that if you're unhappy with our service, we will fully refund the labour cost.
Honest Affordable Pricing You won't find any callout fees or hidden costs and are always offered a no obligation quote when we arrive on site.
Reliable Service Ongoing Support As a small business, When calling you will only talk with qualified familiar plumbers that know your job. We also offer lifetime labour warranty.
Fully Equipped We are experienced and equipped with acoustic, thermal and pressure leak detecing equipment meaning we have the tools and know how to find and repair your leak.
100% Satisfaction Record We offer free quotes, prices and guarantee your happiness. But you don't have to trust us from our promises. Just check what our past customers have to say about us.
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Leaking Tap

$99 Tap Service, inc GST Includes
* Tradesman Fee
* Replace All Gaskets
* Replace All O-rings
* Replace All Washers
* Re-home the surface
* Relubricate
* Thoroughly test

* In rare cases Stainless Washers and Spindle Extensions
In some cases your leak may be a a broken tap, if this is the case we will not charge for the service and instead provide you with a no obligation quote to replace it.
Consider Upgrading If you have an older tap, rather than outlaying the cost for a service you could consider an upgrade. It will not cost too much more and will make the area much nicer as well as increase the value of your property. We supply and install nice gooseneck mixers from $190 or new flick mixers from $150.
Convert your tap set to a mixer Converting tap sets to mixers is also very popular and may not cost too much if there are no tiles to modify. We have reliable, everyday taps and mixers starting at $40 as well as a range of much more bespoke mixers that you can choose from if you let us know beforehand.
Flick Mixer Tap Service Specific parts will likely be needed to repair a flick mixer tap. Once we know the make and model of the flick mixer we can give a fairly accurate price. In some cases however we would recommend a replacement as it would be cheaper.
Leaks caused by Wear and Tear on Parts Parts like washers and O-rings will perish over time and cause a leak. Simply replacing these will stop the tap from leaking. However a lot of the time they are perishing much quicker because the surface that the washer pushes down on scratches them.
Leaks because The surface is rough When you turn a tap, the washer pushes down onto the surface to prevent water flow. Over time the surface becomes uneven and will not completely seal causing a leak. This is the main reason for a dripping tap, re-homing this surface flat and replacing the old washer will make the tap as good as new.
The assembly is cracked A cracked assembly is very rare and typically only happens to taps which are over 20 years in age or taps that were damaged on initial installation. Unfortunately once the assembly is cracked, the tap will require replacing. If the assembly is built into the wall, it will also need the wall to be cut and potentially tiles be replaced.
Can I stop the tap leak myself? We would not recommend it as it is a little bit involved. But yes, legally you are able to and many people have. Firstly, you will need to turn off your water supply to the tap using an isolation valve or water meter. Next, take the tap off its spindle and remove the washer, o-ring and gasket and replace them. You can take these to Bunnings or a trade outlet and show them to the staff. They should easily find a match for you to reassemble your tap with. If you plan to lubricate the surface make sure to get an edible lubricant, do not use something like WD40. Lastly make sure the surface that you place the washer back on is smooth it will quickly become damaged again.

Leaking Toilet

Let's keep it all inside the bowl If your toilet is leaking onto the floor, bowl, out of the cistern or making noises, then it needs a repair. In most circumstances, one of the pricing options above will solve your problem. We can confirm a price with you with a bit of information such as the location of the leak and the type of toilet. Or get us on-site for a free visit and quote up as well as likely being able to fix it then and there.
$180, Leaking into Bowl - Fully Repaired, Inc Materials, Inc GST. Includes
* Tradesperson Fee
* Inlet valve Replacement
* Outlet washer Replacement
* Lubrication of moving parts.
In the rare case the push button or flush valves are faulty. Pricing will vary. In this case we will not charge for our repair and instead provide a no obligation quote to repair these faulty parts.
$150 Leaking onto Groun - Fully Repaired, Inc Materials, Inc GST. Solves
* Leaking Pan Collar
* Leaking Flush pipes
* Leaking Flexi hose
* Leaking Mini Tap
In the rare case your bowl is broken or you have a closed couple suite, we will instead have to quote for the repairs and possibly a replacement.
What causes toilet leaks There are many components which make a Toilet Work. Some more mechanical parts like flush valves and inlet valves are more prone to wear and tear. These parts are made out of plastic and eventually become brittle over time and get caught on each other. Other parts like O-rings and washers also perish over time. Together, worn out valves and washers are responsible for almost all toilet leaks. Most toilets are compatible with generic washers and valves meaning its something that can be fixed easily.
Is my toilet leaking into the bowl? Nearly one in five homes have a toilet that is leaking into the bowl without the owner noticing. This can add up on your water bill and is easily remedied. To check if your toilet is wasting water follow these steps; Flush and clean the toilet. Wait 15 minutes then place some toilet paper at the back of the bowl above the water line. Wait another 15 minutes, and if the toilet paper is wet, then you have a leak.

Leaking Shower

Is your Shower Leaking? You likely have a shower leak if you are noticing swelling on your bathrooms outer walls and there might be issues with your waterproofing that need to be resolved. However, If your showerhead is dripping then it is an issue with the showers taps or mixers and should be resolvable with a simple tap service.
Waterproofing Waterproofing you're shower area is incredibly important. This is a paint-like substance which creates a membrane-protected area after it has dried. Proper installation of this Waterproof membrane is essential for it to last a long time. Areas like drain and tap holes are the most likely place water is getting past the membrane. There is a chance you may have no waterproof membrane installed as there was a period where Western Australia law didn't require the use of waterproofing. There are also cases where cowboy tilers and unexperienced tradies try to save a buck. A waterproof membrane cannot be fixed. It has to be removed and re-installed. Doing this will require retiling the area.
Silicon The Corners of the shower where the wall and floor come together should be siliconed up. This is done because the building's walls and floor can begin to move over a long period of time. This can break grout and waterproofing. However, silicon is a glue which has 30% elasticity which means it will stretch with the walls and keep it watertight. Silicon can just be reapplied if it is broken or missing.
Pipes Very rarely the problem could be a leaking shower pipe in the wall. If this is the case, you can generally hear a hissing sound as water pipes are under a lot of pressure. A way to check your houses pipes are not leaking is to locate your water meter and see if it's ticking over when you're not using any water. There is a small chance that the pipe between the tap and the shower outlet is leaking with-in the wall. This will only leak when the shower is being used. This issue requires a pressure test completed. and may require retiling and opening up the wall to fix.
Dripping Showerhead If your showerhead is dripping permanently, this is actually because your taps are leaking water through them to the showerhead. to fix this you will need to service your showers taps.

Leak Allowance

What is a leak allowance? In some circumstances if the leak was not clearly detectable you might be eligible for a leak allowance from The Water Corporation, this allows you to have a certain amount of your water bill negated. Our plumbers are trained and aware of leak allowances and will likely bring it up if we think it is applicable to you. Sadly most tap leaks are clearly visible and a leak allowance doesn't apply.

Leak Detection

Confirming you have a leak We can tell if your pipes have a leak in them by completing a pressure test on your cold and hot water lines. This involves us shutting off all outlets and the water meter. We then pump additional pressure into the pipes. Then we wait and see if the pressure drops. If it does, then there must be a leak.
Locating the leak To locate the precise location of your leak we use a digital acoustic leak detector. This machine converts the noise the water makes inside the pipes into a digital reading on a screen. The louder the noise the closer to the leak you are. As leaks in walls are hidden, they take a varying amount of time to find. We charge an hourly rate to locate leaks however in most cases the leak is located in the first hour. We charge $240 for the 1st hour and $99 per hour there after.
Repairing the leak Once the leak is located it is very simple to repair the actual pipe. However, as we need access to the pipe we may damage the tiling, plastering and painting. We will organise and quote you for the restoration before we begin.
Specialty Equipment Thermal Imager:
We can use our thermal imaging camera to watch for hot and cold lines close to the surface on walls. Certain leaks may also be visible like paint on a wall.

Acoustic Detector:
This unit amplifies and digitalised noises that no normal human can hear. Water Leaks under pressure, tend to make a soft hissing sound that is readable on our device.

Pressure Can:
Pressurising the piping system will let us know if the pipes are leaking as well as make the leak more severe, thus easier to locate.
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