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Experienced Gasfitters and Gas Leak locators. You don't want to mess around with gas. All of our gassfitters are qualified and experienced and our quality control checks are very thorough. You can be confident in us to find your gas leak or install your gas bbq, bayonet, stove or gas line.
Upfront Affordable Prices We don't start jobs without agreements on price and we don't deviate on the price without getting permission beforehand. All our quotes and invoices are clearly itemised and we list materials clearly in case you want to cross reference them. We do our best to offer a clear incredibly competitive price upfront and then stick to it.
Happiness is Guaranteed We are so confident in our quality control and plumbers friendliness that if you're unhappy with our service, we will fully refund the labour cost.
$149 Annual Gas Room Heater Safety Check & Service At The Plumbing Co. we also make sure your gas room heater is safe when we give it an annual service. The service and safety check includes, an off position tightness test, full blow and clean out, flame check, safety shit off check, full operations check, carbon monoxide check and full property gas tightness check. We recommend getting this done at the start of the winter season before or around the gas heaters first use.
100% Satisfaction Record We offer free quotes, prices and guarantee your happiness. But you don't have to trust us from our promises. Just check what our past customers have to say about us.
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Gas Bayonet

Gas Bayonet
What is a Bayonet? Bayonet installations are typically used to provide a simple connection and disconnection point for Gas Appliances like a Room Heaters or a BBQ. If you already have gas to your property and the location you want the bayonet installed is near a gas line then this tends to be quite an easy job. A leaking bayonet is also quite easy to resolve.
Install Cost The most cost effective way to get a gas bayonet is to run a pipe externally along the wall. If your supply can handle the bayonet then a simple install will cost around ~$300-$500. Putting the gas line inside the wall, exposing it to sunlight or running it longer than 3 meters will increase the costs.
Gas Supply Even if you do have a gas line running near the intended bayonet install location, your actual gas pressure may not be high enough to supply gas to the appliance you connect to the bayonet. Upgrading your gas line can be costly. To learn if your gas line is the right size we can run some calculations based on your existing gas appliances and your gas meter, we can do this for free, just get in touch.
Leaking Gas Bayonet Over time the spring and rubber seal in the bayonet will get loose and eventually fail. Knowing this, we would recommend replacing them every 10 years. If you are disconnecting and reconnecting then you may need to replace these more regularly. A Full Property Gas tightness test can let you know if you have a gas leak on your property. We can complete one of these for $99 fully inclusive.
DIY Bayonet leak detection If there is a faint smell of gas near your bayonet, simply put some dishwasher liquid with water in a spray bottle and spray it on the bayonet. If bubbles arise from the bayonet then you have confirmed that the bayonet itself is causing the leak. If the smell of gas is very strong then stay away, shut off your gas meter and contact a gasfitter straight away. Regardless of the severity of the leak you should always get a qualified gasfitter to work on your gas line.

Gas BBQ Repairs, Installs and Leaks

Gas Barbeque
Gas BBQ Maintanence There are several components which can go wrong in a BBQ. We also recommend keeping it clean and getting it annually tested for being gas-tight and in proper operation.
Changing from LPG to Natural Gas Changing an LPG gas BBQ to Natural Gas BBQ is quite common. Its a relatively minor task if you know the make and model of your BBQ and we can purchase the Conversion kit from the supplier. It typically takes around 2 hours to complete. Including additional materials this normally costs around $300. This doesn't include getting an actual gas line to the area.
Repair a gas barbeque In some circumstances if the leak was not clearly detectable you might be eligible for a leak allowance from The Water Corporation, this allows you to have a certain amount of your water bill negated. Our plumbers are trained and aware of leak allowances and will likely bring it up if we think it is applicable to you. Sadly most tap leaks are clearly visible and a leak allowance doesn't apply.
Stop a gas barbeque leak There are two parts of a gas BBQ that usually leak. The on/off valve on a burner or the regulator. A leaking valve is more costly to repair as you often need to order parts from the BBQ manufacturer, whereas replacing the regulator can be done using common gas plumbing parts.
Smelling gas from Barbeque If you smell gas when your BBQ is not turned on. Isolate the bbq from its appliance valve usually located at the rear of the unit. If inlocatable shut off the whole property at the gas meter box and contact a gas plumber.
Gas Supply Line Getting gas over to the area is usually the biggest cost. The size of the pipe, the volume of gas required has to be taken into account. Gas pipe materials tend to be more expensive than water pipes and the way in which you run the pipe (eg. External, inside a wall or in a roof space) will also effect the price.
Gas Isolation A safely accessible shut off valve needs to be installed on every BBQ by law. We also recommend shutting this off if you don't intend to use the barbeque for an extended period of time.
Ventilation A Gas BBQ needs to have proper ventilation to operate correctly and be safe. An onsite inspection with the BBQ manufactural recommendations normally is required. Another option is to fit a rangehood above the BBQ.
Seat Location You can prop up the unit by either purchasing a stand or building your own area for the unit to stand. Allow this as an additionl cost when budgeting for your setup.

$149 Gas Room Heater Service

Gas Room Heater
Safety Check It's starting to get cold now and it's time to turn up the heat. Like a car, Gas Heaters need to be serviced on a regular basis to remain safe and in full working condition. Without proper servicing and care, Gas Heaters can be dangerous. Any gas appliance should be taken seriously, and our Gas Heater Service will give you peace of mind, and keep your family safe and warm this winter..
Connect It Up! We know most people keep their gas heater out of site through the warmer seasons. If you want to be reassured that your gas heater has been reconnected to the bayonet safely, we are here to help.
Off Position Tightness Test We do a gas tightness test of the system when turned off to check for any leakages. This is the most important test and one commonly overlooked.
You don’t want gas flooding into your house when the system is off, this could save you hundreds of dollars in gas bills over time!
Full Blow Out and Internal Clean As your heater has been sitting unused for most of the year, it is likely full of dust. The Plumbing Co. will blow out the internals with pressurized air and clean filters. This means you aren't breathing it in while in operation and stops that burnt dusty smell when the unit is on.
Flame Check Proper flame size and colour is very important. This determines that all the gas is being used and the gas regulator is fully operational.
Safety shut off check If your system ever gets knocked over, there are several safety switches in place which should shut the system off and avoid a fire. We check that these switches work properly.
Full Operations Test Our certified plumber will check test all functions of the unit are in working conditions including fans and buttons.
FREE Full Property Gas Leak Test. So we can rest easy knowing your family is safe, we provide a complimentary full house gas tightness test, to check for any other gas leaks on your property.
YES! We offer Pensioners Discounts 10% Pensioners Discount
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*This offer is for individual households only.

Gas Ovens, stoves & Cooktops

Gas Cooktop
Licensed Gasfitter When working with gas appliances, it's essential to get a qualified professional to do the work. All our gas work is completed efficiently saving time and money and is finished off with a thorough test for leaks.
Estimate Cost A simple cooktop swapover will likely cost $150 + a small cost of any materials that may be required. A simple oven swapover will cost around $220 + a small cost of any materials that may be required. All prices include GST, we have no hidden costs and free callouts.
Smaller Sized hole Its easiest if the size of the new hole in the benchtop is bigger or the same size as the older one. If it happens to be smaller, We can either make a custom stainless steel flange to fill the void, or you can use an entirely new benchtop.
Larger Sized hole If the new unit is bigger than the previous unit then we will need to cut into the benchtop. This is simple if its made from wood or laminate however stone is much harder to cut. Other parts of the benchtop like cabinets shelves and draws may also be affected if the new stovetop takes up more space.
Gas isolation valve These days a gas isolation valve is required by law to be installed in order to turn off your stove in an emergency. If you have an older unit it may not have one and you will need one installed in order for your gas appliance to be legal.
Getting Gas over to the proposed area If you don't have a gas supply already near the area or you are installing a larger cooktop/oven that requires a new bigger gas line then the installation cost may spike. Always consider these things before purchasing your new gas appliance.
Getting Gas over to the proposed area There are several laws which govern how a Gas appliance should be installed. All work and fit-offs must be carried out based on the requirements of Gas Regulations 1999. After the works are completed and property is tested for Gas tightness, a compliance badge must be fitted inside the meter box and a Gas compliance form submitted online to the Gas Supplier. Mobile gas jobs need to be submitted to Energy Safety.

Gas Leak Locating & Repairs

Gas Leak Repair Gas leaks can be scary and unsafe. Sometimes ATCO will have shut off your gas before you even notice the leak, however usually you will first notice it by smell. The Plumbing Co. has all the professional gear to locate the leak and perform the repair. As finding the leak is the major part of the repair its essential that your gasfitter can locate the issue promptly, so you don't end up with a hefty bill.
Gas leak locate and repair typical cost Like all Plumbing and Gasfitting companies locating a leak is charged at an hourly rate. A Plumbing Co. plumber can normally find the leak within an hour. We do not charge a callout fee and only charge $99 fully inclusive per hour to locate the Gas Leak. Once found we will quote your repair. Usually, the repair will cost around $200 fully inclusive.
What to do if you can smell gas If you smell a strong smell of gas, we recommend evacuating the premises and shutting off the gas at the gas meter box. We can come out the same day and complete a Property Gas Tightness test. This test informs us if there is a gas leak anywhere on your property. Even if it's a small leak, it's important to know in the back of your mind that your family is safe from breathing in gas or a gas explosion.
Top 3 Gas Leak locations 1. In your Gas Meter Box or the piping in the ground just below it.
2. One of the Fittings in the roof space
3. Gas appliances or bayonets like hot plates, ovens or Heaters.
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