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Experienced Commercial Plumbers. There are a ton of rules and standards that commercial kitchens need to abide, Water Corps Trade waste and The Australian Food Safety Standards being the main two. We have done fit outs for countless kitchens, bars, cafe's and breweries. We have the experience required to do a good job that will last and our quotes guarantee compliance with the authorities.
Fast Affordable Installations We average a 3 day turnover on your greasetrap, working afternoons and weekends without penalty rates in order to lessen the impact on your bussiness. We also take care of everything, from preperation to site restoration. leaving you with no unfinished tasks after we leave.
Water Corp Approved Installer Beware of cheap plumbing cowboys. A greasetrap is a serious investment and you need it to comply with your tradewaste agreement otherwise you will have to start again. We work closely with The Water Corporation trade waste division to get things done smoothly meeting their requirements in the most affordable way without compromising the quality of work.
Honest Transparent Pricing Installing a Grease traps is a serious job for professionals. A lot of plumber's are prepared to try and learn how to install one as they go in order to retain an ongoing customers work. Very often this leads to further expenses when you are not complying to your trade waste permit or having to address ongoing issues with the installation.
Fully Inclusive Fixed Price quotes Quotes can differ greatly as most companies only give you the price for a specific parts of the installation whilst not mentioning the costs of things like "re-concreting or pipe reworking" these additional costs can really add up. When calling around for quotes take a gander at our small list of expenses that business's often dont mention within their quote. So you can confirm the price you are getting is an accurate total cost.
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• Grease Trap Information • Settleable Solids Arrestor • Dilution/Neutraliser Pit • Oil/Water Seperator

Grease Trap Information

A The Plumbing Co. Grease Trap inside installation
What is a Grease trap? A Grease Trap also known as a grease, food or oil interceptor, arrestor or Seperator. seperates fats, oil, solid waste and grease from the water of a commercial kitchen or food preperation area. Allowing water to safely be discharged into the sewer without risk of blockage. A Grease trap can be installed Above or below ground depending on its application.
Do I need one? Under the Water Services Act 2012 all food industry businesses must have a trade waste permit, This usually requires the installation of a Grease Trap. If you are entering into or starting a business that is involved in food preperation then you will require a Grease trap. If you only sell pre made food then you may not need a trade waste system however this is incredibly rare. The following industries require a Grease trap. Restaurants, Cafes, Lunch Bars, Delis, Fast food outlets, Bakeries, Butchers, Caterers, Food wholesalers and some medical facilities.
Renting? Who is responsible for the costs? In most circumstances the business owner will pay for the Grease trap installation and any ongoing costs. Sometimes the property owner will also make an investment as it increases the value of their property. The Plumbing Co. is happy to help begin a discussion between the involved parties regarding this.
Which Grease trap do I need? The most important details to know about the grease trap is its size measured in Litres and wether it is to be installed above or below ground. The size needs to match the flow rate of the fixtures in your food preparation area, you can use our calculator to check this. Above ground systems have reduced labour costs for installation however they take up a lot more physical space. They are usually used when your building is elevated from the ground level. The type of grease trap you require can be accurately determined with a On-Site inspection by a plumber. The Plumbing Co. offers Free Onsite Quotes. The Plumbing Co. has experience installing all types of Grease traps, From above ground systems with pump stations to below ground systems inside kitchens. We understand Grease Traps are a huge investment and are prepared to work with our clients for the most tailored and cost effective solution.
What is the Install Cost and Duration? Every Job is unique and you can only get an accurate estimation from an Onsite Quote The installation of a grease trap can take from a few days to an entire week, Depending on the size you need and the location you intend to install it. The volume of waste and number of sinks, basins and floor wastes running inside your establishment will determine the size of the product. Pipe layout, Pre-existing Drainage, floor levels and space for the physical unit can make for additional work and incurr a higher install fee.
How often does a Grease trap need to be cleaned and pumped? This depends on the local water authorities and you will likely be given the information by the Water Corporation after the grease trap is installed and inspected. Usually the Grease trap will need to be cleaned once every 6-12 weeks.
Custom Grease trap, huh? Custom grease traps are rarely required and are normally used when either pipe grade levels don’t align or physical space to install them becomes an issue. All custom grease traps have to go through a custom certification process which can take months. We normally advise against this option due to the long approval process. Water Corporation provide a list of all certified approved grease trap models and suppliers on their website.
Who are the Water Corporation trade waste? Water Corps Trade waste division is Australias leading authority on protecting Perth city’s sewers. There aim is to prevent anything that can potentially damage the main sewer system. Large quantities of Grease and Fat from commercial cooking premises can block up the sewer. Trade Waste in forces provisions such as grease traps to prevent this.

Settleable Solids Arrestor Information

A brewery stainless steel tanks
Opening a Brewery in Western Australia? The Water Corporation has likely told you a Settleable Solids Arrestor is required. The Plumbing Co. is one of Perth few companies with experience in this type of work. WA's smallest Settleable Solids Arrestor is 1000Litre. This size is what most Mirco-Brewery’s will require. Mascots Engineering has the only Water Corporation Approved Settle Solids Arrestor. This is what we recommend using. The thing most people are not aware of and is typically the most expensive part of setting up a settleable solids arrestor is the flow meter and pump station setup. A flow meter is required downstream of the Settleable solids Arrestor. This device measures the amount of liquid you are dumping into the water corporation sewer. Water corporation will charge you accordingly on litres discharged and come past and take reading periodically. Water corporation require a flow meter within 2% Accuracy. This can only be achieved with using a small flow meter and a Pump to pump it through.
Pricing: A typical 1000 litre settleable solids arrestor with a pump pit, flow meter, all plumbing works, ground works, road repair works will cost $8,000 - 15,000. This Price includes everything except piping alteration internally in the building and electrical costs. This price is what you should allow for when working out a budget for your micro brewery. For more information. Please either call us or Book a free onsite Quotation.

Dilution/Neutraliser Pit

Oil/Water Seperator

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